Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Verdict on 30+ year old Slides

I found a few boxes of slides at teh weekend.  I only took photos on slides for a short period as they were a bit cheaper at the time, and as a kid, money was tight.

So, (more later), I'm going to transfer to digital scnaning to preserve, but in the meantime a verdict on longevity and clarity.

First Prize: Agfa colour.

Colour is pretty good, and there are few artefacts on the image, also the plastic mounts lasted well, the writing on them is good, but a date print would have been good.  I only know they are from 1979 because of posting address label, and some deduction

Second Prize: Boots slides

Some fading, and a few artifacts.  This is a typical example

Last Prize: Kodacolor

Whilst the colours are OK, there are quite a few artifacts, and this is a heavily compensated image, despite teh evident fading (although is shows better when compressed as here)

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