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Strewth - cycling again

Earlier this year I completed the Big Battlefield Bike Ride for Help for Heroes.  350 miles from near Caen to Dunkirk, the long way round J.

Well, despite clear assertions before I went that I would not repeat the experience, I have completed a Ride to Recovery at Colchester only 38 miles – but in my defence it was only a 10 days or so after a 20mph RTA where my bike was completely written off:

And now, I am signed up for BBBR13 – Paris to London!  The fundraising challenge is slightly bigger (£2,500), so any contributions you can make at Peter's H4H 2013 Bike Ride page will be most gratefully received.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

A dreadful hall of shame for cycling in the Armstrong era

Only 3 unambiguous "not implicated in doping" in 7 years once Armstrong is removed from the TDF results.

It looks like the TDF will be annulled in those years.

Thanks to today's Telegraph Sport section.

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Seems like post 9/11 security theatre has calmed down a little

In at least one location.

Been a long time since I saw an open cockpit door with nobody fussing about securing it.