Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New organic food investigation

OK, so generally speaking the nutritional content of an organic X is not much different from 'normal' (but I prefer to think of as toxic) X. But did they (the people the UK FSA who commissioned the report) want to consider and report on:
* the long term impact of pesticide and other spray residues?

* a taste test (organic chicken and pork are particularly good)

* the treatment of 'normal' food
water injected into chicken and pork
the appallingly cruel treatment of barn chickens
milk from cows that never leave the barn
beef cattle and chicken fed prophylactic antibiotics
Salad washed with strong chemical to clean them
Citrus fruit waxed and treated with stuff you should not eat and have to remove
Apples that should be peeled before eating becuase the skin is poisoned

With all the non-natural content in the food chain is it any wonder that asthma, allergies, childhood illnesses and so on have increased since the war and the industrialisation of the food chain.

As for GMO, don't get me started...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My parents did the easy bit...!

My wife's birthday present from my parents. Delivered ahead of scheduled and intercepted successfully, but flat pack - so yours truly had to build it. All went fine except for the metal splinter :)