Tuesday, October 10, 2006


A sneaky trick create an HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WHOS key in your registry; restart the machine; let windows update run...

It picks up an upgrade (that will not install until I shutdown and upgrade for some reason).

Power on, plug in phone HALLELUJAH!  Phone is syncing again (with a very small bit of setup work).

Wunderbar.  Now Im more content!

Well, I made it

Ive transitioned my production desktop to beta.  Vista RC1 (although RC2 was released this week L) and Office 12 B2TR.  Its been an interesting ride, I chose in the end for a clean install of both after a failed install (because I left the machine in the OU that delivered Office 2003 by GPO!). 

My next challenge will be to upgrade the old XP SP2 world when I am ready.

Whats wrong right now?  Well the main crippler is itd be nice to use my Windows Mobile 5 phone on the system apparently the ActiveSync upgrade is still dogfood only for MS right now.  So the old XPSP2 world has to live on for a bit.  Oh and the ISA 2004 client is running in XP mode too.