Monday, June 11, 2007

Concert etiquette

Odd things concerts.. It's rare (with the bands I see!) to have any amount of seating. Still at the smarter venues that are more like concert halls there is normally something in the upper tier. But often tickets are not sold as seated or standing - you get what you are given.

So, is it fair for me to just sit down on an empty seat or not (after all, ickets are all the same price)? How many seated ticket holders will be downstairs and bopping away whilst I yearn for seating (combination of bad back, age, and 5 gigs in one week). So I'll try tonight and see what happens!

That pre concert thing

I'm currently mid tour with Marillion which means I am in wolverhampton for the late afternoon and evening. Trouble is - what does one do between close of shops and the gig. Normally a meal or a beer is a good thing but the £ and the calories build up :-) so what to do? Bars are still smoky (but next time!!!), no art galeries or museums appear to be open, no library in evidence so......

This time i've ended up on a bench in the centre of town getting strange looks and queries from the teen and pre-teen wannebe gangs whilst I check email, stare into the distance thinking about the current technical problem, or writing this blog. Better go, they might want to nick my phone (but at least with Exchange Mobile Admin I can kill it in 10 seconds!)