Thursday, April 01, 2010

#ICM Market Research #FAIL #TPS

Dear ICM,

I am registered with the telephone preference service. This means I do not want to have calls at any time of the day or night from people who I have not given my number to, and from whom I do not wish to receive calls.
So when your market survey caller protests that you are not covered by the TPS, and talks over my protestations that I do not want calls like this, he is not likely to get any co-operation from me.

Having made it damn clear I do not want such a call, he then asks me if he can ask me some market survey questions. To which my response is, "why do you think I registered with the TPS?"

At this point your caller finally gets the message that his call is not welcome. About 2 minutes too late.

This obviously does not even take into account the fact I'm ex-directory.


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