Thursday, April 22, 2010

#UKTechdays - day 4

RT @bletchleypark: @dr_black oh yes how right you are! :)) <;-bloody knew it
RT @ruskin147: Awake to Easyjet email warning of volcanic ash plume from Iceland reaching the north of England<;-one hell of an alarmclock
@bletchleypark @Dr_Black you got away in the nick of time
[blog]: I remember when this were all
RT @drpaulolding: coincidence or is the world's tectonic activity rather rampant at the moment? <;-coincidence, some1 blogged stats few days
"Anyone here doing anything with SQL Azure?" Is 'ignoring it' a valid answer? :-) #uktechdays
Erm Microsoft... ( @uktechdays ) why are your slides copyright 2008? #uktechdays
time 4 #uktechdays bingo again. Globalization (sp!), leverage, compliance, digitised, risk management, agility, cost efficiency HOUSE!
Empowered, pervasive, intelligent, scalable, industry-leading, BC, pervasive NATIONAL HOUSE CALL #uktechdays #bingo
As we tweet, Pierce Brosnan is driving his SUV into the mine #ashtag
Yasmin Ahmed & Mark Whitehorn, now this is the sort of presentation i like proteomics, BIG BI stuff #uktechdays
RT @schofieldkevin "Volcanic eruption causes chaos across UK". Had GB just seen the latest polls?
Is Iceland showing it's a Gene Hunt fan? #ashtag
If you're not doing BI on your data, then you should Mark Whitehorn (slightly adapted) #uktechdays
RT @exitthelemming: Remarkable pictures of the Icelandic volcano: <;-you have to look at these!
RT @jackofkent: BREAKING NEWS #SinghBCA BCA has given in - Notice of Discontinuance served: <;-let joy be unconfined!
RT @tarpara: Why people think #powerpivot is dangerous. These ppl are dumb (cont)
Excellent sense of theme and day's definition today from SQL 2008 R2 team #uktechdays
RT @jackofkent: Looking forward to the BCA press release. <;- *snorts*
RT @Gileskenningham More fiction from our Supreme Leader: "I am the first PM who agreed to TV debate." Wrong. Major agreed but Blair ducked
Am I alone in waiting for a Jeremy Clarkson "powwweeerrrr" soundbite at PowerPivot at #uktechdays ?
PowerPivot is addin for Excel 2010, does *not* require SQL Server 2008 R2
"One person's report is another's data source" goal attained. SQL 2008 R2 #uktechdays
I know this sounds fanbois ish, but PowerPivot demo was probably best (in all respects) since Excel 3.0 launched at the Astoria #uktechday
Hey Iceland, send what you like, we still want our Icesave money back! #ashtag
Hey, #Unite & BA Cabin crew, maybe this afternoon's a good time for a strike #ashtag
[blog]: Regional emblems #uktechdays
@marcholmes nope, effective use of break time :-)
RT @iaindale: next to Richard Schiff. Am completely starstruck. Trying not to sound pathetically fan-like & failing.<;-so switched to Twitter
RT @PaulOckenden: One of the nicest Guy Kewney tributes I've seen: <;-hear hear
@paulc_t if she's needs painkiller just repeat "2-1 COYS"
RT @SLSingh: Hats off to the BCA for helping raise awareness of need 4 radical #libelreform <;-comment, not assertion of fact
RT @NoMoreBeatbox: it's usually cricket that brings the UK to a halt due to ashes.
@uktechdays 'fort so, but still intrigued
[blog]: Hmmm, sysprep for SQL Server
@marcholmes waiting for the Welsh to complain about racist stereotyping with the sheep
"Virtualisation has changed the game" #uktechdays , so is that "well done, #VMware ?"
@uktechdays is there a new version of Report Viewer for this? #uktechdays
"Sql server may be harmful ifc swallowed" #uktechdays
@francispledger hows the security provision to prevent inadequately validated guests d/l music?
Twitter have retargetted 3 dedicated servers from UK to US to support @dr_black 's #mw2010 campaign
@Dr_Black a) don't think the sponsorship covered crusing b) does your travel insurance ?
@RichardGiles backupmytweets will do that for you
RT @channel4news: RT @eddieizzard: I support Labour & why <;-& why I thought u wrong
@RichardGiles hmm thought it got the lot - it has for me &lt;-oops accidental delete
RT @keithshering: RT @jemimakiss: cool! RT @WilHarris: Wow. Volcanic eruption *and* the Northern Lights. in ONE photo
RT @nbarnwell: I need a spare battery for my phone :( #uktechdays <;-or a proporta 3400mAh backup bttery(with about 12 different connectors)
@CriticalAction interesting, did. you use convertor? or use vmm to do it?
If it rains, will it be raining volcanic filtered Evian? #ashtag
@suziperry i think TGV and eurostar could be your friend...
@uktechdays q for dr keith. IP range - implies secuity concerns. and b) pls discuss WinMo connectivty for phone apps c) MS access VBA access
@uktechdays any plans to dev t-sql cmds to connect?
@uktechdays any secure luggage store facilities tomorrow at FB?
@sbisson nofly - cloud radar can't detect (no H20) so fly straight into it... and molten glass in engines, ash in cabin, early landing ;-)
@sbisson and the ash falling down. some bets are mon evening before skies open
RT @bobbyllew: server dooberry to join the wires and splooj the dongles :-) &lt;-your grip on tech is uncanny
@Dr_Black no it's dinner time, colonial time doesn't count if you have a British passport
@CriticalAction sounds nice, may consider...
Is Brown wearing Hotter shoes, or lifts? #leadersdebate
Who's going to be beamed back up to the Enterprise 1st? #leadersdebate
RT @filce: Saw this on a t-shirt today: 'C:\DOS - C:\DOS\RUN - RUN\DOS\RUN' ... made me laugh, anyway :-) &lt;-me too
@filce mind you not as funny as "Apple Crumble and Fish"
@iaindale next week someone needs to cut DC's tie in half with 30s to go!

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