Thursday, April 22, 2010

#UKTechdays - Day 1

I attended last week's UK TechDays in London, and spent a bit of time on twitter :-)

So I thought I'd put them up here, day at a time to act as a record of the event, and a sort of review. You'll see the frequency of tweets relates to my boredom with the event !

So, is the hashtag #uktechdays @markwilsonit ?
@markwilsonit: Or you could get an Acer 1810 which will run for 8hrs with wifi... #uktechdays & #wsug
#uktechdays Hmm, first slot is a Marketing Solutions Director, does not augur well for a *tech* day - #uktechdays keyword bingo - "leverage"
RT @channel4news: Don't forget Jon Snow will be interviewing PM later today. Fire him your q's @jonsnowC4 #ge2010 <;- *fire him* works for me
#uktechdays bingo "elastic computing"
@StevenCamsell yes, playing bingo now :-)
#uktechdays "things i didn't know before" Lancashire Constabulary is based in Lancashire
#uktechdays bingo "tremendous uplift" - #uktechdays keyword bingo - "leverage"
@uktechdays are we only going to have ppt today? Dev have already had some real stuff. Tech is not best pitched by ppt #uktechdays - #uktechdays keyword bingo - "ROI" *and* "TCO"
@mbullock not if a) bingo lang, b) ppt. Tech*Ed does in 75 mins, VMworld does it in 50. trouble is we're getting Mktg Motherhood & Apple Pie
@mbullock & spkrs shd remember this is tech audience, not pitch Microsoft goodthinkfullness. Seems MS has become marketing MS, not product
#uktechdays are we in a cinema because the slides are so busy they need a 40 foot screen to be legible?
RT @jupitusphillip: Latin rage. Only on Twitter... <;--QED
@uktechdays coding - haven't seen any yet - am at the virt session
@thebeebs no, not in a tech event
RT @markjo: I wanted to use a cinema as I want to hook my xbox up tonight secretly ;) #uktechdays <;-I'd LOL but I'm in a cinema
#uktechdays $%$# me "demo"
#uktechdays spoke too soon, demo was of stuff working, not *HOW* it was made to work. still mktg fluff. wish i was at vs2010 day
@channel4news Hague, although concept of "good BK" defeats me
Are Microsoft so self absorbed that they beleive their own marketing and just pitch themselves now?
@uktechdays #uktechdaysshepherdsbush and #uktechdaysfulhambroadway probably not good...
@markparris you bet, i was so full of hope this morning.
@markparris trouble is there are gems in there but 1 in every 20 sentences leads to zzzzzz
#uktechdays at last a gem, RDS shared session virtualisation, bet it costs more in licencing
@uktechdays go on, you're thinking about them
RT @EddLeicester: #uktechdays No free software? Disappointing :( <;-hope you're not expectingv win7Phone on Friday :-)
@owenblacker you can get 8 hrs from acer 1810, (wife's) is great - dual core 64 bit, 3gb, 160gb, dual touch pad, £500 inc 3 yrs C&R. great
@owenblacker PS no affilliation to Acer at all
RT @uktechdays: A quick look at VDI (with RemoteApp) - live demo with Matt McSpirit #uktechdays <;-most compelling thing so far, cheers Matt
#uktechdays Oi! McSpirit deceitful graph, 63 is NOT nearly 3x54, but damned lie, as you based the graph at 52. Truth is 13%, not 300%
RT @bryony_gordon: Nobody tell ryanair where I live <;-you're safe wherever you are, they'll turn up 30m away
RT @LDN: Saving 76 Dean Street - remember that fire last summer? (via @lucyinglis) #76DeanStreet
RT @bennuk: RT @marcholmes: Windows 3.1: The Future of Computing // This is brilliant!
@owenblacker i was staggered used it myself for 8 hour tech day at TVP, wifi for 50%, 66% battery left
@owenblacker albeit lunch and coffee breask
RT @jon_thompson_uk: minister 4 Digital Britain thinks "IP Address" stands for "Intellectual Property": <;-debill2
Aroma oriental buffet, lower rates for kids under 4'7". Is that height or girth?
@BTCare and that's the issue - you changed policy on that and did not inform customer.
@owenblacker mind you wonder if batt life calcs in machine are straight line or right hand half of hyperbola :-)
and we're back with ppt and motherhood and apple pie, no real added value being here #uktechdays
@uktechdays we need a new hastag #ukPPTdays #fail. Other days in the week better be better
Oh FFS so you bought another company, so what, bet beforehand you'd denigrate the need it fulfills #uktechdays
@WilliamJHague bet you got someone to check the spelling of that before hitting send !
@markwilsonit on advice from AB skipping the party, will come back for last one :-)
RT @ruskin147: Labour manifesto promises "broadband service of at least two megabytes per second by 2012". Techies amongst you will spot a b
@markwilsonit is that just to wind me up???!!!
am reliably informed that Wed and Thu will definitely be more tech than ppt. Tue is really Off2k10 launch-ish #ukTECHdays
@markwilsonit proporta 3400mAh batter about 30 quid and 15 tips (even iPod)
@markwilsonit informed says 80/20 in favour of tech
RT @bennuk: OK, now THIS is cool. Although by thinking that, I may well not be... Win95 on an iPad! (via @billgibbon)
So Microsoft Pink phones formally called Kin. Opening book on Win7Phones being called Kith.
@BParkDirector @BletchleyPark now that's going to confuse - same Avatar :-)
RT @johnkoetsier: Very nice -&gt; Google updates Google Docs <;-more evidence Office 2010 RTM's tom @ #UKTechDays ?
RT @jonhoneyball: or "another 'kin ms phone..." <;-LOL, not good in a presentation :-)

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