Sunday, August 03, 2008

KIng Crimson are back!

It was a brutal, loud and visceral concert. And definitely great! In a tiny (370 seat venue) 2 men in their 60's 1 in his 50's and a couple of merely early middle aged guys put on a show that puts most modern bands to shame.

It was also the birth of a new Crimson, with Gavin Harrison joining the band for his first gig. A five piece again !

Belew was somewhat overheated in the middle and Robert decided to switch to stage left and thus hide behind his rack. We got a good sight of most of his guitar, his hands, and his forehead. Many did not even get that.

With the strictest camera/cellphone policy (you leave them outside the venue or get thrown out by the "polite but firm" muscle men on security you'd think Fripp would feel safe from people recording, but no. Yet Tony Levin (or TLev) had his camera on stage!!!

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