Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Amish shopping

We drove through the right area for Amish today (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania), having stopped first at another traditional diner where a great breakfast that kept me going from 11am to bedtime was taken.

On driving through the main Amish area town of Intercourse (I kid you not!!) we pulled into the store. Amish dressed staff served and I looked at a few things for my wife - decorative plates and bowls, and more pleasingly local custom "barn stars" in use now now of metal and left to rust (previously wood, before that painted on) from a German custom. These were modestly sized and would make a perfect addition to our minimalist Christmas tree.

Then I checked the labels. "made in China". I was outraged, and put them back. Leaves my "present for my wife" plans in tatters, but I'm not willing to play that game.

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