Friday, August 01, 2008

I always do it!

I'm back!

Heading for the USA for a 4 city visit to follow King Crimson on their US only tour (Robert Fripp has declared he won't tour UK or Europe because of the audients/audience manners and behaviour). Anyway I'm flying Gatwick to Nashville via Charlotte, and it must be about 3 hours into the flight, so it's time to check the time left.

My error (again!) is to somehow drop 2 hours from the rmaining time and think it's only 3 ish hoursand not 5 to go!! Mut be something to do with 2pm being 14 hours, but I can't see where I dropped the 2. Must be the.combination of 4 hours sleep last night, dehydration, and a living space that is probably a) less (pro-rata) than many tortured egg laying chickens and b) the space a prisoner gets in a prison van.

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