Sunday, October 23, 2011

To All Blacks fans, it's not all glory for you I regret to say.

Congratulations to the All Blacks on their second win of the Rugby World Cup, but I think there are some sobering facts for you.
* you only won by 1 point
* against a team that lost 2 pool games (the first team to have such a poor pool record and still reach the final)
* against a team that arguably did not demonstrate it should really be there.
* on home soil
* you failed to make the game yours.

I was "off the grid" today, and tuned in to the intertubes to find it was only 5-0 at half time, so had to make some alternative arrangements to find a way to see the last 10-20 minutes as I'd expected NZ to be 20-25 ahead by then.

So I don't think the choker tag has been dispensed with, NZ really need to win the cup away from home (better still Northern Hemisphere) and by demonstrating a really powerful and distinguished team all the way to the win. I just don't feel that they did that this time.

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