Thursday, October 06, 2011

Somewhat chilling poster

I was born in east London, and grew up just outside the area and the Kray name was known and regarded without much of a positive angle.

Indeed, at my school (which had relocated away from Whitechapel in the 60's) there was a persistent rumour of a Kray connection.

So in a pub, in Shropshire, this poster sits inoocuously on the wall until the curious punter notices the second row.

It threw me a bit. Not really sure why. They never really impacted on my life. No more than Jack The Ripper from nearly a century earlier. Must be the subtle approval by showing it that brings on my disapproval.


DHM said...

Just short of sixty years ago (Nov 5th 1951). I doubt any approval, even subtle; it's ancient history to most.

P Bryant said...

Sure, ancient; but the surrounding posters all had names from the era, but stars of stage and screen - Forsyth, Eric & Ernie, Dodd etc. Seemed to me as if the pub was approving

But then, I've always got a bit ratty with people who said things were safer on the streets when the Krays were in charge. :-)