Sunday, January 31, 2010

Times when I feel old

A few days I was thinking at an event how I was beginning to feel slightly above the average age, and i commented on this to someone.  I justified this with these beauties from my past:
  1. As a child I can clearly remember (whilst living in a London suburb), the milkman delivering by horse and cart.  Further he lived in the next street with a stable instead of a garage, and it didn't seem odd!
  2. Our house was not centrally heated, we had coal fires in the 2 main living rooms, electric radiators (when we were ill) in the bedroom, and in the bathroom - a paraffin heater.  The fuel was purchased every now and then when the lorry came round, and kids and neighbours would queue up to fill the jerrycan.
  3. And i do swear i remember a Frenchman on a bike selling onions.  I do know i remember thinking "it's a long way to go back and forth to get more onions".  never occured to my young self that there might be a lorry round the corner!
I got a rather surprised look!

I know i'm not that old but a lot has changed in only a few decades.  I quite enjoy remembering such different times - how about these happy memories:
  • Black and White TV
  • only 2 channels on TV
  • Just the one phone in the house, and the GPO taking weeks or months to install it
  • the test of BST in the winter, and walking to school with free reflective armbands
  • the continent of Europe being so far away
what are yours?


Anonymous said...

What amazes me and reminds me of my progressing years:

- changing the channel on the TV meant getting up off the sofa walking over to it and pushing a big knob that went 'clunk'.

- in the car coming home from visiting my Nanna and Grandpa I used to layout flat on the back seat of our Austin Princess; no seat belts, airbags or power steering.

- being transfixed by listening to the Top 40 on Radio1 and rushing out to buy the vinyl single or if you had the money the 12" EP or LP.

Anonymous said...

I remember getting a TV with a remote control that was wired to the TV!

And there was the summer job at a garage whilst I was at college and a customer brought in a car with a "car phone" - WOW!

Learning to program on a Spectrum...

Leaving the house after breakfast and not coming back till it was going dark, and no-one worried...

The list could go on forever!

Cincinnati Kid said...

Very occasionally, we used to place a Trunk Call to my grandparents. We'd walk to the phone box. They had a party line so there was always a chance that someone else would answer. I don't feel old at all but my childhood seems a long way away.