Wednesday, January 06, 2010

#bpark - if you are in IT

If you are in IT, then you are in a privileged position. Our industry is new, and whilst some theoretical and some practical work (Babbage comes to mind) was done a long time ago, it is fair to say that the wartime work at Bletchley Park is the birthplace of this industry.

So we are doubly blessed that
a) Bletchley Park still exists, and is a museum containing both the Colossus and Bombe rebuilds which in my view were the ‘birth events/objects’ for IT.
b) Bletchley Park also contains The National Museum Of Computing

How many industries out there can point to their birthplace, see the original items (or at least reconstructions of them), and have a sizeable museum to them there as well to boot?  I guess the bridge at Ironbridge probably comes close, but I think this makes Bletchley park unique.

So, maybe when the snow clears, make a New Year’s resolution to go there, and see it, and help it to survive – it needs a lot of money to preserve that legacy.

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