Sunday, June 01, 2014

Well, that was exciting #BBBR14

As the train pulled into Finsbury Park everything was looking good. But then came the announcement. Train cancelled.
Due to engineering works only 1 track into Kings Cross was running.  And the signal box had put our train onto the wrong platform, we could not proceed.

We argued our case with an excellent member of staff (Jamie) and she initially tried to get us onto an empty train being moved into St Pancras.  To no avail.

At our request she spoke to TFL and they agreed we could take the bikes on the Victoria line into Kings Cross. Provided we removed our front wheels, so they were luggage :-).

So now we're on the earlier train (we volunteered to help out if others were delayed) and are heading to Brussels.

Dinner tonight and then we hit the road.  My third BBBR and do hope it's the best!

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