Thursday, June 05, 2014

Day 4 - the rest... #BBBR14

We moved on to lunch and water stops over what seemed (to my quads!) ceaseless challenging rises (along with concomitant descents).

The sun was getting stronger and stronger and by mid-afternoon it was sleeves off and full tanning opportunity!

Before the water stop in the afternoon a road side medical incident (not really an emergency) took its toll of the schedule and at the water stop my bike was appropriated for the organisers to chase down a rider who went the wrong way (that's a first!)

Thereafter the hills pretty much ended and a rolling road to Compi├Ęgne ended at the hotel for dinner, a briefing on tomorrows plans (pretty exciting ones) and a beer or so.

Legs weary, brain tired, and a few square inches of skin tanned, it was time for bed...

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