Saturday, June 07, 2014

#BBBR14 the bit that hurt...

Some distance into the final day and we're storming along.  Despite the strong sun, some heavy dappled shade hides the road surface.

At about 18mph I hit the pavé (cobbles). Some were missing, the gaps were huge and the opportunity to back off or brake is 0.

All you can really do is tough it out, or at least back off reducing contact points from 5 to 4 and let the bike oscillate under you. 

An interesting experience (about 150 yards of it), and not one I'd have wittingly done (!), but worth having done once.

As i write (Saturday morning) we are holding for coaches to the train for London, and have just seen England lose at the death in the first test match in NZ.

Muscles all sore, skin all burned.  I may have overdone the forcing up the hill in front of others bit, and underdone the protect your skin bit!!

Celebratory dinner tonight. Hero Ride in the morning, and then home, away from the H4H family and bubble after the best of the three BBBR rides I have done.

Thanks to everyone who donated to support such a great cause!

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P Bryant said...

And of course, for those of us riding to Paris in recumbent or hand bikes there is no opportunity to "sit up" and ride it out.