Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Promise, Channel 4

There's something about this programme I cannot put my finger on, my grandfather was in Palestine in the 30's although he died too young for me to have talked to him about it, but I have an intangible connection that I cannot identify or specify. Maybe it's wishful thinking.

When the ordinary lives of people living in the near permanent trauma that is the Middle East are portrayed meaningfully on TV, I feel a disproportionate sadness for what has happened, and is happening. I hope that maybe the events shaking up the North African and Middle Eastern countries right now might lead to a breakthrough that changes the game.

I have my views, and for peace and quiet I'll not elaborate here. But a never ending cycle of revenge is unlikely to lead to peace. Sadat and Begin took an incredibly brave step in the 70's. Maybe it's time for a second such event?

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