Friday, February 18, 2011

70 years ago today, tear gas on the streets, and no health and safety around

An interesting read in the Telegraph today.  They’ve been running a 70 years ago column with extracts from the wartime papers.  This one really struck me, in times of war, things differ.  But also, that the scenes described are not dissimilar to some of the scenes currently (and recently) seen in North Africa and the Middle East.
But most of all, just imagine the fuss if we wanted to do something similar in the modern era.  It just wouldn’t get off the ground.  In 1982 the insistence on keeping to peacetime safety policies (in part) led to more men remaining on the Sir Galahad in the Falklands, and died as a consequence – and that was in an active combat zone.
I’d link to the article, but after a brief browse, could not find it!

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