Tuesday, April 03, 2012

With no sense of irony, the Post Office does not use the PostCode database #fail

Before the prices go up I decided to order some stamps in quantity, so rang the national number. The call centre takes the call, and the first thing they ask for is the postcode.  The order is then taken.  

Delivery address is then asked for, I give them the first line of the address.
"Is that the whole address sir?".
Me: You mean you don't have the rest of the address from the postcode?
"No sir, we don't have such newfangled technology here" was the flat non-sarcastic reply.

If the Post Office's organisation is so crap that it cannot use its own databases to speed up transactions *and save money*, then no wonder postage rages are go up in 10's of percents this month.

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