Friday, June 25, 2010

#ff OK I might have overdone it today

But in case you missed any of them…  And they were in no particular order
#ff @dhmorton - for a wittier, informed, realistic view of life
#ff @jonhoneyball - tech, music, and amazingly informed.
#ff @chrisbulow - never met, great company here on twitter
#ff @thesidsmith - the encyclopedia of King Crimson
#ff @markwilsonit - fellow #ITTU5 'er, great tech blog
#ff @keithshering - great thinker and business shaper. Rugby fan - come on you Saints
#ff @bletchleypark - for all things Bletchley - Computing's Birthplace
#ff @davidnobbs - Reggie Perrin's creator - 'nuff said
#ff @guidofawkes - fun+informative jaundiced view of the body politic
#ff @RAFDuxford1940 - Battle Of Britain RAF Station, recounting the battle in realtime
#ff @quiggles - motorsport, good egg and a fellow fan of beer o'clock
#ff @DianaInHeaven - acerbic, irreverent, funny. Not for the faint hearted
#ff @theRetronaut - delightful views of times gone by
#ff @marypcbuk - one half of a great tech journalist pair @sbisson - the other half!
#ff @eileenb - for all things Social.  And jam.
#ff @thingsgretasays - to experience the fun of parenthood without the downside
#ff @exitthelemming - insight into a world of which i know little, fellow stats & nature fan
#ff @backupmytweets - help for the tweeting maven
#ff @maryjofoley - everything you wanted to know about Microsoft, and they didn't want you to ask
#ff @ruskin147 - BBC's top tweeting tech journalist
#ff @marilliononline - well, what do you expect?!
#ff @budleysalterton - regular amusing interjections
#ff @timbo_baggins - really liked my King Crimson 5.1 twitter reviews
#ff @happygeek - great insight into the interweb, tech and rugby!
#ff @teched_europe - the premier Microsoft learning event
#ff @XH558 - keeping the Vulcan flying
#ff @qikipedia - for a wealth of interesting facts
#ff @Dr_Black - campaigner for Bletchley Park, BCS Women, and so much more

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