Friday, January 05, 2007

Freeview HD recorders

Some time ago I blogged about a daft store's web policy, and then the rubbish Sony Centre sales and Sony support.

Well a few days later I bought a (brand currently unknown to me) Humax twin timer HD Freeview box. I love it. It records 2 channels concurrently, and if it can will let me watch a third. It's quiet, and does not intrude; it's even quieter in standby. And fast forwarding is a dream.

It has a few minor issues - a EPG of more than 7 days would be nice; delete at end of playback option would be good; and coming soon they say - a record series option.

However all in it's a great little unit, and I can say no better than we got one for my parents (at least that makes remote technical support easier if I am looking at the same screens!)

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