Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 2 #BBBR11

Firstly I forgot something from yesterday.
Dropping into Pourville I passed a speed camera with speed and smiley/sad face. There was no one around and no vehicles I got  :-( - I was doing 72kph!!!!

A ridiculously early breakfast at which I could barely eat. Partly edgy partly too early.
Off outside before 8 (7uk time) and off.

The first hour saw a MASSIVE hill as we left Dieppe. I remeber litle except a long hill, trees, and a few atopa on the way, but i cycled it all. The heroes on the hand bikes and the rickshaw made it so.

A few hills, and 28 miles or so and lunch. After another bugger of a hill.

At Grand Court cemetery we learned of a Halifax crew of 7 who'd flown from Leconfield (now Normandy Barracks) where the only red telephone box in Kingston upon Hull's white telephone franchise. A story is there, but later.
Also were 6 lads from the Norfolk Regiment left behind in WWII who died and were buried by locals.  This was part of the losses that meant the Norfolks were no longer a local regiment by war's end.

The afternoon was a more fen like ride with modest undulations leading to Amiens. A nice hotel. Dinner. A stroll round town and a beer. Time for bed.

Making a ceremony on time (I'm slow!)
Dry day
Giving new information to a Battlefield Tour Guide.
Making it.
More friends made
Singing Prof loudly whilst riding!
A bugler and a bag piper helping us up a hill
The s#1t who moved the arrows
Amiens cathedral
The prospect of Thiepval tomorrow

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