Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Week 4 of training...

Well... It's actually going OK! The training profile from Help For Heroes is modest during the week, and then a bigger trip at the weekend. Fortunately the past few weeks have had enough dry and bright days to make cycling more of a pleasure.

Tomorrow is a "kit shopping" day. I've got by with a few new things so far (jacket, water reservoir, etc) but I need to get some more serious kit now:
* SPD's and shoes. Whilst I use toe straps, and they're pretty good. SPD's offer a more connected and fully driving connection to the bike. With 70 miles a day on offer in May every last percentage is going to be useful
* clothing - something with a little padding on the human/saddle interface is likely to be seriously beneficial!
* saddle. A commuting padded saddle is unlikely to be the best thing, so I'll be looking at a few razor blade options!
* computer. I spend my time on the bike calculating percentages of journey so far, likely arrival time at home and so on. A computer (well I am a geek!) will automate some of this and maybe I can spend a bit more time thinking about something else!
* handlebar bag. I've a small bag under the saddle, but once I go for longer training runs, I'll need a bit more stuff (food!) with me

What I can't get over is how much things have changed since the 80's...

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