Thursday, September 08, 2011

An open letter to the controller of Radio 4 Ms Gwyneth Williams @bbc @whjm

Dear Ms Williams
I recently listened to the Radio 4 branch of the BBC. And heard something I am sure you would want to know about (as both a successful woman and controller of the branch in question).
It appears that on FM, DAB, and online radio across the country there is a programme labelled Woman's Hour broadcasting items such "Cook the perfect tarte tatin", "Women in Business", etc. My complaint is that women are not a minority or a niche area. They do not need to have their radio programmes selected for them. I am deeply offended by this condescending and unnecessary practice.
I would appreciate your response to this complaint and I hope that the BBC will be able to think of a more appropriate way of broadcasting these items.
Yours in sisterhood
PJ Bryant.

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