Friday, June 03, 2011

Dublin, day 3 - Obama shows up, and a little matter of a gig...

Or progress through Dublin was haped by the heavy Garda presence (many from out of town) for the President's trip. We spent about an hour here (for an alleged 15 minute stop - although the grounding of the Beast was probably to blame). Entertainment was provided by the Garda motorbike which, whilst parked, was blow over by a particularly heavy squall.

We waitee just outside 4 courts, it seemed the legal system was grinding to a halt, as well as the traffic.

In a few swift moments the many vehicles tht made up the Presidential procession whizzed by. Including this one

Later on, after having passed by or through many more cordons (but with the obligatory stops at Bewley's) we made our way down North Quay to the O2 for the gig.

Passing these food warmers in the window of a Thai restaurant. We were attracted to the reflections of reflections of reflections on show.

And then, finally, under the big wheel, we we in the queue for the gig.

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