Saturday, May 21, 2011

#Definition: Luck

Put bag over head, to place under coat to protect from impending rain storm

In process, rip out ear stud from ear.

Mrs B find clip within seconds.

Rain fails VERY heavily.

Spend 20 minutes searching pavement for (precious in emotional terms) stud [it's a piece of Whitby Jet purchased years ago on a great holiday].
During which the road sweeper goes up and down the pavement whilst you look on in (dripping - it's teeming down) frustration.

Give up

Return to base in anger at losing something precious.

Remove saturated clothing - literally soaked to the skin.

Remove coat and check stud not caught up in folds or pocket. It's not. Shake down. Still not

Take off bag, remove contents and look.

Turn bag upside down and shake out - ear stud falls out, the opening into which it has fallen it about 3/4" square.

Time to buy a lottery ticket!!!

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