Monday, April 25, 2011

Is it the done thing to RT without attribution @asabenn ? I don't think so. #SuperInjunction

Last night I posted the following tweet:
"An Englishman, a Scotsman, and a Welshman walk into a pub. Nothing happened as there was a #SuperInjunction"

It was designed to hint at the names floating around, without falling foul of either the injunction, or twitter's desperate measures to comply with it; and with luck amuse some people It seems it did, as I'm embarrassingly chuffed to see it retweeted more than any other tweet i can remember posting.

I was not so chuffed to see earlier today that @asabenn had tweeted it letter for letter without attribution, why a simple RT could not have been done I do not know. But it would appear that despite working for a newspaper (albeit as politics editor for a student newspaper), Mr Bennett does not feel publishing without attribution is important. Or is plagiarism and disrespect for other people's work overwhelmingly common and unembarrassing in student life these days?

I am open to the possibility that similar minds think alike, but given the presence of several RT's only a minute or two before Asa tweeted with the same hashtag, it seems plagiarism is the most likely explanation.

I did tweet him earlier, but got no response.

Actually I'm not really that excited, but I think it's an interesting area, made more so by the bio of the miscreant.

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