Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Hey @McAfee - want to know why you've lost a customer, and referrals?

1. You tried to take the money for a renewal 8 weeks ahead of renewal, WITHOUT NOTIFICATION.
2. When you emailed me about the transaction problem you wanted to call me, but then got technical support to call.
3. You have changed the product and I should have an upgrade option, but no one knows about it.
4. There is no financial incentive to upgrade.
5. There are no means to compare the old product and the new to see what the difference is.
6. When the tech support person could not deal with it, you transfer me to sales where I have to give up after 25 minutes listening to music.
7. Version 4.x of AVD management sucks.
8. The update mechanism is too long winded and assumes too high a bandwidth in place.
9. Sophos is simpler.
10. Microsoft is cheaper.
That’s all.

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