Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tech∙Ed Europe - free TechNet Professional Subscription

If you've not gone to Tech*Ed in recent years then you may not know that Microsoft have handed out a free TechNet Plus Subscription for a few years.  This year the freebie changes slightly as it's now called the Professional Subscription (but still costs about €275).

But the content is the same, and what's more, you still get the 2 complimentary support calls to Microsoft Support.  If you're a freelancer like me, these can be a great "get out of gaol free" cards.  As much as you like to think you can solve any problem, sometimes it's better to call, and (other than call charges) this is free. 

And of course you get access to reams of software to evaluate and try out (just don't run your business on it!).

You can see more about what the subscription offers at TechNet subscriptions

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