Monday, March 08, 2010

Tip for the WinMo HTC TP2 users

I was recently in a location with free Wi-Fi. Nothing strange there, but the location insisted on some strange cookie capability to allow me on the network. So my Twitter client and MyPhone would not work. Using the default browser Orange/HTC give me (Opera) also failed.
So I fired up Pocket IE for the first time in ages. Lo and behold - the cookie (it seemed to be MAC related name which I suppose for was some security theatre) was created and then everything worked fine thereafter.
So maybe there is a point to keeping IE on the phone...


Jamesone said...

Just another case of opera being a pile of fetid dingos kidneys.

P Bryant said...

Don't hold back James!

But more seriously - i've tried to stick with pocket IE for a bit (save the learning curve), and it just seemed soooo slow. Almost as if HTC/Orange had crippled it.