Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I challenged my body today...

I have an interesting intolerance. All my life I've been unable to eat fruit as something in the flesh goes off like an acid bomb in my mouth. My Mother and her Mother both have something similar.

If I screw up my courage I can just about cope, but to be honest orange juice and cooked apple is the limit. The real problem lies in mayonnaise, pickles, some mustards, tomato, vinegar and so on. That seems not too bad until you think about the average contents of a sandwich machine in the office or sarnies at the coffee store. Nearly all have some content that I cannot really eat.

Today the only sarnies that were close were free-range chicken Caesar. I checked the contents and the mayo was 10% and the vinegar was way down in that list. It was _just_ about OK, and nice. But there was an undertone that was unwelcome.

Then tonight in the pub the freerange chicken (again) on bacon/mushroom risotto came drizzled in balsamic vinegar jus. Yuk. I tried, but had to scrape the chicken pieces and leave the contaminated risotto.

Me 1 Acids 1.


Hutch said...

Are you a 'super-taster' then? Watched a program on it years back, sounds like a right pain!

P Bryant said...

It is a right pain, but thanks for the comment - something to research!