Friday, November 16, 2007

TechEd done for the year

Well, after 2 days good efforts my attempt to track things died! An expression of how tiring TechEd can be to body, sould and brain (if you try to everything). So how to describe it all...
* wednesday UK drinks were at the same venue as 2006, but the tapas were not so good. But there was a rubik's cube competition. Not easy under red lights!
* don't go home at the weekend it's too much
* I found out that I a the last person in Europe to have attended all Tech*Eds. Sadly Leif (the other) was ill this year and missed it
* by wednesday of week 2 the local villains had the conference sussed, and were targeting anyone displaying teched materials. Despite warnings some delegates wer still leaving badges round their necks on the tube
* 2 weeks typing one note mobile on the SPV M3100 is enough! Bye!

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