Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Microsoft Sharepoint Services

Well that was a fun few hours. Decided I really should get it installed on a server. Regretably the only one around that might do the job (and was up and running) already has exchange server on it. I hate mixing roles, but needs must (etc).

So download the update, run the install, and oops no exchange outlook web or mobile access, but far worse - I cannot get my email to my phone. Sharepoint (understandably) takes some control over your IIS install, but (most definitely NOT understandably); fails to mention (when questioned!) that it will hose you Exchange IIS web site.

One might have expected a warning of some sort. Sometime Microsoft show they haven't changed that much!

So I really should go back to plan A - virtual machines... a quick install on an already committed server wasn't the brightest of ideas really!

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