Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh well, there's always book to read

Seems like powering it off and on again ain't going to work this time...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tech*Ed Berlin 2010 - PDC sessions track has been released

The PDC sessions track is now released.  The content team is adding some of the sessions from the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) (being held in Redmond next week), to the TechEd Europe event.
For any developers feeling that Tech*Ed has too much of an IT Pro focus, this should redress the balance!  Go to the sessions page and filter by Track = “PDC”.

Tech*Ed Berlin 2010 - Connecting With Fellow Attendees

Microsoft recently announced the Tech•Ed Europe 2010 Delegate Directory

So, let people know you're attending the event.  It's a chance to make connections people with similar skills and experience and expand your professional network.

If you have registered, then sign on, and sign up.  There are many people I meet at Tech*Ed, and it'd be nice to make contact before the show to organise a beer or 3!  Too often I bump into them on the Friday, sometimes even at the airport - too late then.

The directory is to be published in October, so sign up soon.

Note, if you didn't join the directory during registration you can still sign up by returning to the registration site and accessing the Returning Services Menu, Attendee Directory.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tech∙Ed Europe 2010 - Sessions & Speakers Details

A while back the speakers and sessions were announced, if you've lost track of the details - then head over to the session builder, not only can you see what is on, you can build your own schedule.  A full list of sessions by track can be found here: TEE10 Technical Tracks

Don’t forget about the Pre-Conference Seminars on 8 Novemberas well!

Registration is still open for the event – so it's not too late to join 1000's of IT Pros and Developers to learn more about the latest and forthcoming technology from Microsoft.

Brad Anderson to Keynote Tech∙Ed Europe 2010

Brad's the Corporate Vice President, Management & Security Division  so I guess if you are a developer you might be worried about the keynote content this year, but to be honest - I expect Microsoft to take the Keynote far more seriously this year after last year's significant walkout during (the now departed for Nokia) Stephen Elop's.  Admittedly, timing the keynote for the end of the day whilst a good idea - was in this instance bad planning as that night was the celebration of the Mauerfall - 20 years since the Berlin Wall came down and a spectacular (but damp) domino fall of wall-like segments - you can see a bit of it here: Official Mauerfall site from 2009

And there's a mass of videos of the event here Google search results for Mauerfall 2009 videos

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tech*Ed Berlin November 2010

Even if you are going to Tech*Ed Berlin next month, you may have missed the Channel 9 videos about the planning and expectations for the week.

They are still available for viewing here Channel 9 Tech*Ed Videos

But it's far too late to win the free ticket!

Tech∙Ed Europe - free TechNet Professional Subscription

If you've not gone to Tech*Ed in recent years then you may not know that Microsoft have handed out a free TechNet Plus Subscription for a few years.  This year the freebie changes slightly as it's now called the Professional Subscription (but still costs about €275).

But the content is the same, and what's more, you still get the 2 complimentary support calls to Microsoft Support.  If you're a freelancer like me, these can be a great "get out of gaol free" cards.  As much as you like to think you can solve any problem, sometimes it's better to call, and (other than call charges) this is free. 

And of course you get access to reams of software to evaluate and try out (just don't run your business on it!).

You can see more about what the subscription offers at TechNet subscriptions